The topic for this week is Communication and permission in the market space, which is mainly about online privacy and new challenged methods for online marketers. In this case, I want to focus on three main points: Third-party cookies, Permission marketing and Relationship marketing.

As we know, cookie is an important concept for data exchanging in today’s internet environment. We cannot deny that cookie brings us a lot of benefits by remembering personal information so that people can shop online conveniently without typing their selections again and again. However, third party cookie could be dangerous because it may give away personal privacy to other websites we don’t want to access to. Follow by is a website about third party cookie. Through this website, we would know what third party cookie is and how to prevent our privacy spilling by blocking third party cookie.

Another thing I want to talk about is permission marketing. The traditional marketing method is pretty outdated, since people are now involving in a mass information world, people seem to be getting tired of any kind of ads and any kind of promotions, which means that people don’t want to pay attention to ads information, and even try to get rid of them. Based on this situation, if marketers continue to insert ads into webpages to draw people’s attention, it would simply annoy their consumers. Fortunately, permission marketing may solve the problem effectively because it doesn’t try to force people to read their ads. Instead, permission marketing tries to know what people need and gives the things that they want. Once it has people’s permission, people would be interested in their products. I also give a website about permission marketing.

The last thing I want to share is relationship marketing which is similar to permission marketing. Relationship marketing is also a new marketing method for marketers. General speaking, relationship marketing tend to maintain a long-term relationship with consumers and build loyalty for the products or brands. It doesn’t just persuade people to read their ads or to buy their goods, it really concerns about people’s needs and their feedbacks after using their products. If you want to know more about relationship marketing, you could go here:

To sum up, privacy issues for online marketing really need to be concerned. Knowing about cookie can help to understand more this problem. For marketers, permission marketing and relationship marketing are two effective ways to take the challenges created by internet environment.


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