Topic for week3 WEB ANALYTIC

This week, we were talking about Web Analytic, which basically means how to measure the data generated by our websites and how to evaluate them. Why Web Analytic is important, because we need to know the results or feedbacks of our websites. Whether the websites work well or not? Do we get the goal that we want? Yap, Setting up the goal is necessary because we cannot do anything without goal. Here is a link about building goal for website establishment.

Web Analytic is a crucial part of online marketing. We all know that online marketing has to use websites as a platform to support the business. So for the online marketers, they need to set up their own websites to perform their management. In this case, Web Analytic plays a significant role, because Web Analytic can help marketers to collect the data about their websites. For example, it can tell owners how many people have browsed their websites or how many people have clicked their ads pages. Based on these kinds of data, marketers will know how effective of their web pages and how many feedbacks they have got, and then they can adjust their strategies or innovate their websites, according to those data, to improve their performers. So again, Web Analytic is a very basic process for online marketing. There are two main approaches to obtaining website analytics data: Server-based and Browser-based page tagging. If you want know more about Web Analytic, you can go by this link, it has a lot of details about the meanings and history of Web Analytic as well as two main methods to measure.

To being a successful marketer, we should how to collect our web data effectively and use them properly. The paragraph above is mainly talking about the theory of Web Analytic, and now I would like to introduce some useful software to do that job practically. They are many software operated by different websites can measure the data that we need, some we need to pay money to use, while some are for free. As a student, we tend to use some free website because we don’t have tons of money to consume. Here is a link to show you some samples online.


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