Topic for week5 SOCIAL LISTENING

Last two weeks, I most focused on web analytics, but this week I want to share something about social listening. There is no denying that both web analytics and social analytics are quite important to business research and contribute to business strategy. Since we have already known something about web analytics, which is basically about metrics and data, social analytics is different from web analytics but compensates to it. Social analytics is more about “words”, not KPI. To understand the difference between social analytics and web analytics you can check this site, it introduces that despite the murkiness between these core social media functions, people think of listening, engagement, and analytics as three interconnected parts of a program.

Social analytics can be implemented as social listening. Social listening is the practice of identifying engagement opportunities and monitoring brand perceptions. Companies need to collect information from the markets to help them know about the market needs and make improvement. Social listening is vital for this part. Basically, social listening is trying to collect information from the market via social tools gathering key words, brand names, as well as industry terms, etc. In this way, companies can know how markets react to their products and sales. Actually, there are 4 steps to create social listening strategy:

1)       Determine your target audience

2)       Identify the influencers

3)       Know the key words and trends

4)       From a social business strategy

You can check the details by the web link. It gives specific definitions about social listening strategy and offers some real cases to show how social listening works for business such as class of 2014 Facebook page and RTL Nederland.

Last but not least, we have talked a lot about social listening, but I still believe that not everyone know clearly about the magic behind social listening. I give a very simple case to show you the magic about sentiment analysis. Imaging that you are surfing on net and see someone left a message said, “I brought an Iphone5 yesterday, but I found it’s really sucks, I was so regretful to buy it. I would rather to get a blueberry, instead. ” Just the simple sentence, the social listening is happened. Why? Let’s see the video to make you understand.


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