Topic for week8 Improving relevance score

This week I would like to talk about Google Adwords. As online marketers, your goal is to improve sales by drawing people’s attentions to your websites. There are two things you can do, the first one is SEO, the second one is paid research, such as Google Adwords. People are likely to find your website by searching keywords via Google or other search engine, but there are a lot of competitors doing the same thing as you do. So how to compete with others by improving engine advertisement is important to your business. Basically, the better ad ranking means the better conversion rate.

You can increase your ad ranking in Google Adwords by choosing more relevant keywords to your target consumers than your competitors. In fact, Google uses a number of calculations to determine the quality and relevance of your ads. Google then compares your ad to your competitors and ranks them using a combination of keyword relevance score. Relevance score is determined by how relevant your keywords are to your ads and your website landing page. If your relevance score is low (6 or lower), you need to either choose more relevant keywords, include your keywords in your ads.

To give more details, there are some ways to boost your relevance score:

1) Make Sure You Use A High PageRank Domain.

Google will generally give a high relevancy score to an aged domain with high PageRank, whereas the website that was thrown up yesterday is going to take a hit in relevancy score.

2) Make Sure You Have Your Keywords In The Domain And Elsewhere In Your Adwords Ad.

If people type in “soccer shoes” into Google, you better be sure the words “soccer shoes” are in the headline, body copy, and domain. Also make sure you landing page is about soccer shoes.

3) Make Sure You Have Your Targeted Keywords In Your Meta Tags And Title Tags.

Relevancy Score will increase if Google sees the search query on your pages via the Meta tags and title tags. So in our hypothetical scenario, you’ll want to make sure “soccer shoes” are in these tags.

4) Make Sure The Site Has A Little Depth.

If you have 10-15 pages on the website, Google may give you a higher relevancy score than a single squeeze page. You can easily add a privacy policy, terms of service, customer contact, and other standard pages to beef up your site a little bit.

To see this video, learn more about how to improve your relevance score.


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