Topic for week7 keyword strategy

This week we are talking about SEO which means search engine optimization. Search engine plays a significant role in online marketing, marketers who know to utilize search engine effectively are likely to increase their sale online.

Let’s take an example, you own a physical store and create a website for the store. In order to make more people to know about your store and increase your sale, initially, you must understand how people can find your website. Since only when people found your website, they would get a chance to purchase goods from you. As we know, people are likely to use search engine to find their desired goods by typing keywords, so keyword is the most important factor that helps you to boost your sale.

Talking about setting keywords is talking about building a website. Therefore, you need to consider what kind of words should be selected as keywords to embed in your website. Before doing that, you need to set up an effective keyword strategy. Basically, there are two types of keywords. The first type is called general keyword which means the most popular keywords that are searched by people online. For example, some items like clothes, shoes, movie, music, kitchen supplies, etc. These kinds of keywords tend to be more general, so you will consider these keywords first to relate to your business.

However, these keywords are having a low conversion rate because they are too general, people search those words are likely to just browse online instead of purchasing anything. Thus the other important concept of keywords should be known by marketers, which is called long tail keywords. Long tail keywords actually are more specific, and they have a high conversion rate because people who search for specific items seem to be more possible to buy them. For instance, we can use something like “fashionable red sport shirts for young men” or “cool back XXX brand sun glasses”. When people get into the long tail, they may have high likelihood to convert to buy.

At last, let’s check this awesome video to see how long tail keywords work in real business.