Topic for week11 The advantage of NFC

What is NFC?

NFC is a short range wireless technology that can be used to carry out transactions between two electronic devices at close range. Hence the technology being widely adopted and embraced by mobile manufacturers.

To give an example, the most likely successful example of attempting this new technology is Google Wallet. The new service provided by Google will eventually allow any mobile device to make payments in-store by simply tapping the mobile phone onto the stores NFC compatible receiver. That will usually be incorporated into the chip and pin devices currently in use. Although Google Wallet is currently only available at limited merchants across the country, plans of implementing worldwide is coming in the near future.

What is the benefit?

The benefits of using NFC in many of our everyday activities are yet to be seen but it’s clear to see the possibilities are endless. Wherever sharing, transactions and pairing are required NFC can be implemented. The best part about NFC technology is that it just works. NFC requires no programming or complicated set up by the user. Using NFC truly is as simple as tapping your phone to a tag. What’s more, the benefits for individual users also are diverse. For instance, it has benefits in Contactless Payments, Information Sharing,Transportation, Social Networking areas.

 NFC vs. Bluetooth

For sharing between devices, Bluetooth and WI-FI currently require strict co-operations and agreements between the two devices. Although NFC has a much more limited range, it ultimately consumes less power and reduces the requirement of passwords and security codes.

One of the clear benefits of NFC is connection time. When you pair a Bluetooth device with your phone, it often requires multiple steps and can take several seconds for the actual pairing to take place. With NFC devices the connection is established automatically within ten seconds. Further, the shorter range of NFC is actually seen as a benefit. Since you use NFC for distances of only a few centimeters, the likelihood of interference is much lower. A third benefit is power consumption. When both devices are powered, NFC consumes much less power than typical Bluetooth.

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